Why you are out of alignment when you procrastinate.

I found myself overthinking everything I do and especially everything I don’t do over the last few days. I found myself procrastinating all my to do’s and couldn’t find any inspiration to create. This resulted in me feeling guilty and beating myself up for all the things I did not accomplish yet. I guess we all have experience with procrastinating things that are high on our to do list, but somehow something is keeping us from doing what we think we ’should do’. I was listening to one of the amazing talks of Abraham Hicks (who else is a fan?) and in that moment I got to understand why we procrastinate. Procrastination often times gives us feelings of guilt, of being stuck, of being behind, feelings of forcing instead of flowing. So if it gives us such feelings, then why do we procrastinate? We do so because we are conditioned to think that we need to do what others find important- your parents, your teachers, your peers, the media, your society, etc. Along the way of growing up we try to please them instead of aligning with our soul, our true self. We have been taught that doing ‘something’ is always better than doing ‘nothing’, just for the sake of it. It is more appreciated if people are very busy doing ‘something’ then to say ‘I just don’t feel it right now, so I’m going to do ‘nothing'. We stay busy so that those around us think well of us. When we align with our true selves the actions flow from us, without force and effort. Instead of beating myself up for procrastinating, I now try to reach for more soothing thoughts that will bring me back in alignment. Thoughts and words like: Things are always working out for me. It is about the journey, not about the end result. When the time is right I will feel it. I want to take inspired action. I want to follow the path of least resistance. Often times we procrastinate because A. we're afraid to go for it or B. we're off path. Observe yourself and make yourself do fewer things out of alignment and make feeling good a priority - - because then... all good things will flow from and to you.

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